A Poster of the Imaginary Entirety of the Body in the Mirror Hangs Over Moi Bed

A poster of the imaginary entirety of the body in the mirror hangs over moi bed is an experimental short film shot in Spring 2021 in a village in the south of Bulgaria. According to the french psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, the “I” is the idea of oneself as a body. In a text from 1949 he examines the phenomenon of the recognition of ones reflection in the mirror as a problematic instance in a self-reflective process, where ideals clash with the reality of what we embody. This lead me to examine my own body as an alien, raw entity with the aim to create images that are not still, yet barely contain movement or dramaturgical action but allow for observation. The first part of the film (the only location) is shot on ruins of a 12th century monastry. A vague, fragmented landscape, as the bodies inhabiting it refer to a vague, fragmented idea of an ancient version of themselves.

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