Loredana Ilie

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  • Lore Ilie is an artist, illustrator and teaches art education at the Art High School in Timisoara. She graduated from the Department of Graphics at the Faculty of Arts and Design in Timișoara, and is currently completing her master's courses in Heritage, Restoration and Curating in the Visual Arts at the same faculty, with a thesis on feminist art in the post-communist period. She is constantly involved in mediation activities for contemporary art exhibitions dedicated to young people, organized by Kunsthalle Bega.

    As an artist she collaborated with independent spaces and platforms Space 22, Secret Garden, Draft, Lapsus and exhibited her works in group exhibitions such as: Biennial of Miniature Arts, Timisoara, 2020, Later Edit, Kunsthalle Bega, Timisoara, 2020, Ceci n'est pas un vote, MNAC, Bucharest, 2020, Atypical, Mansarda Gallery, Timișoara, 2019, Fragment Culture, Juventus Awards, Maria Theresia Bastion, Timișoara, 2019.

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    The body is the subject The body is protest The body is fluid The body is traumatized The body is an artist The new body becomes content in action, subject and way to create a response. Gestures challenge rules and …